Gratitude has the power to uplift us, especially if we learn to embed it into our daily practice. One way to do that is by setting yourself a 21 day Gratitude Challenge! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so we invite you to dig into our very own Gratitude Goldmine for 21 days – read one post each day and find new and uplifting ways to count your blessings!

Day 1 – Are You Getting Your Body’s Memos?

Today I am grateful for my skin. Yes, I have eczema. Yes, it’s challenged many aspects of my life, relationships in particular. But it’s taught me so much. I’ve learnt that ailments can often be a call to action. A memo from your body to you. “Hey, Sarit, I’m dying here. Feed me good stuff. […]

Day 2 – Is Buffering Really Suffering?

So today I noticed myself doing the impatient finger drumming thing. You know, the one when your computer screen is playing ‘Let’s take 30 seconds to open a document/load a page/open an app”. I mean, how rude! How inconsiderate of this highly sophisticated piece of equipment to deliberately make me wait, doesn’t it know I’m […]

Day 3 – What does your T-shirt say?

After a hectic but inspiring day being paid to spread love and light today, I anticipated that my motivation to study would be superseded by the desire to chill out on the couch for the rest of the evening. I was wrong. What a beautiful surprise. Here comes the Gratitude: Today I am grateful for […]

Day 4 – Who Are Your Radiators?

Today I am grateful for many things. But to stay true to myself, a way of life I feel blessed to have learned, I have decided to keep these posts shorter, and here’s why. I am truly grateful for the amazing people in my life. The ones who give it to me straight. Like today: […]

Day 5 – Spot the Blessing in Disguise

In January someone went into the back of my car, and today I made what I hoped would be the last loose end in what had felt like a saga of paperwork and financial outlay. At various points during the process I found myself wearing the “This is SUCH an inconvenience!” T-shirt, or the “It’s […]

Day 6 – Meditation – Your Way or the Highway!

First things first – to stay true to myself and allow enough time for my studies, I’m switching to Blog Bites – shorter nuggets of Gratitude – for the rest of the 21 Day Challenge. I’ll revisit topics later on, and please feel free to email me if there’s a topic you’d like to discuss […]

Day 7 – Cliché Alert!

Today’s blog bite is brought to you courtesy of…..everyone and everything. Today I am grateful for the energy that is the oxygen that keeps us alive, moves mountains and fuels change. Love. It really is all around. Truly. Work with me here for a second, for example, on a materialistic level – every synthetic thing […]

Day 8 – The Privilege of Choice

Today I would like to appreciate the choices I have in my life. It’s truly humbling just how many I get to make every single day of my life. I wake up, I can choose to get up, or I can stay in bed (of course there are two different sets of consequences!). I can […]

Day 9 – Haven on Earth

Today I want to say a massive thank you to my haven. My flat. The roof over my head. The door that I get to close to keep out undesired energy. The place to which I can retreat after a long, intense day, kick off my shoes, grab a cuppa and go “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”, and feel […]

Day 10 – Deal Or Snow Deal – How Do You Deal With It?

And so I’m back. Not from outer space, you understand, but from a very intense and challenging period, which meant that I took the self care fuelled decision to interrupt my self-set 21 Day Gratitude Challenge to allow myself the freedom to address the challenges without the added pressure of posting here daily and letting […]

Day 11 – A Calm Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor

How are you today? Take a minute to check in. Are you enjoying life? I’m curious, how many of you sail through life enjoying the view, how many feel like you’re constantly weathering a storm, and how many of you are somewhere in between? When I was 15, I fell into a depression, and the […]

Day 12 – Wake Up To Tiredness!

I’m going out on a limb today. I’m going to extend gratitude to feeling tired. This means digging a little deeper than usual, but this blog isn’t called Gratitude Goldmine for nothing. I invited you to dig deep with me from the start, so let’s see what treasure we can find. I am grateful for […]

Day 13 – Loud And Proud?

Today I want to thank my voice – the channel through which I am speaking my truth to you, the world and the universe. Finding it has been an interesting journey, because for years, it was not truly my voice. There were many layers that veiled my truth. Fear, in many aspects, and the influence […]

Day 14 – Exercising Your Demons

How do you feel about exercise? Do you find it easy to be motivated and disciplined to be regularly active? I loved sport when I was at school – basketball, netball, badminton. As I grew up, I found it harder to join teams or stick to classes. I realise now that as I grow older […]

Day 15 – The Path To Heaven Is Paved With….?

They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I disagree. I believe that setting clear, pure and loving intentions is one way to create Heaven on earth. So today I’m giving thanks for my positive intentions. Heads up, or should I say hearts up, time to get spiritual. I start every day […]

Day 16 – The Wealth Of Health

I know so many people who have some kind of chronic health condition. These people are heroes. My Mum, for example, lives with daily challenges that she simply brushes off as part off life now. I have several friends with MS, who stride through life with a smile every day, but I know that they […]

Day 17 – One Small Step For Womankind

Being a lover of language, I have always enjoyed entertaining the possibilities of etymology, and at one point, I thought that the word ‘woman’ simply meant a man with a womb. If that were true it would quite easily be #understatementoftheyear. The differences only begin there. And so, in honour of International Women’s Day, I […]

Day 18 – Doing An ‘Elsa’

I love the phrase ‘Let it go’ – it inspires so much freedom, peace, joy, relaxation and above all love. When we let go, we are saying a deep and hearty ‘Yes’ to ourselves – a great show of self-love. The challenge is, we may be saying yes to our heart and soul, but no […]

Day 19 – Are You Fit For Purpose? (Yours)

Oh. My. Heavens. And I say Heavens because literally today I felt like I was actually there. Why? Because I was living my purpose. I was doing exactly what I feel I am here to do. I cannot tell you how blessed I am feeling right now! I actually feel as though I have won […]

Day 20 – Who’s Writing Your Love Story?

In the next 10 days I have the good fortune to be going to not one, but two weddings. I say good fortune with a hearty smile, but this is a newly formed heartiness. Like most people, my experience of love has been something of a rollercoaster, which meant that my beliefs around it followed […]

Day 21 – Being On the Side That Gives

Today is Day 21 of my Gratitude Challenge – what a humbling journey, how has it been for you? I could write about so many things, but I have chosen to pay tribute to my situation in life – the privilege of being on the side that gives. For 9 years, I ran a sandwich […]