Gratitude has the power to uplift us, especially if we learn to embed it into our daily practice. One way to do that is by setting yourself a 21 day Gratitude Challenge! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so we invite you to dig into our very own Gratitude Goldmine for 21 days – read one post each day and find new and uplifting ways to count your blessings!

Day 1 – Are You Getting Your Body’s Memos?

Today I am grateful for my skin. Yes, I have eczema. Yes, it’s challenged many aspects of my life, relationships in particular. But it’s taught me so much. I’ve learnt […]

Day 2 – Is Buffering Really Suffering?

So today I noticed myself doing the impatient finger drumming thing. You know, the one when your computer screen is playing ‘Let’s take 30 seconds to open a document/load a […]

Day 3 – What does your T-shirt say?

After a hectic but inspiring day being paid to spread love and light today, I anticipated that my motivation to study would be superseded by the desire to chill out […]

Day 4 – Who Are Your Radiators?

Today I am grateful for many things. But to stay true to myself, a way of life I feel blessed to have learned, I have decided to keep these posts […]

Day 5 – Spot the Blessing in Disguise

In January someone went into the back of my car, and today I made what I hoped would be the last loose end in what had felt like a saga […]

Day 7 – Cliché Alert!

Today’s blog bite is brought to you courtesy of…..everyone and everything. Today I am grateful for the energy that is the oxygen that keeps us alive, moves mountains and fuels […]

Day 8 – The Privilege of Choice

Today I would like to appreciate the choices I have in my life. It’s truly humbling just how many I get to make every single day of my life. I […]

Day 9 – Haven on Earth

Today I want to say a massive thank you to my haven. My flat. The roof over my head. The door that I get to close to keep out undesired […]

Day 10 – Deal Or Snow Deal – How Do You Deal With It?

And so I’m back. Not from outer space, you understand, but from a very intense and challenging period, which meant that I took the self care fuelled decision to interrupt […]

Day 11 – A Calm Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor

How are you today? Take a minute to check in. Are you enjoying life? I’m curious, how many of you sail through life enjoying the view, how many feel like […]

Day 12 – Wake Up To Tiredness!

I’m going out on a limb today. I’m going to extend gratitude to feeling tired. This means digging a little deeper than usual, but this blog isn’t called Gratitude Goldmine […]

Day 13 – Loud And Proud?

Today I want to thank my voice – the channel through which I am speaking my truth to you, the world and the universe. Finding it has been an interesting […]

Day 14 – Exercising Your Demons

How do you feel about exercise? Do you find it easy to be motivated and disciplined to be regularly active? I loved sport when I was at school – basketball, […]

Day 15 – The Path To Heaven Is Paved With….?

They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I disagree. I believe that setting clear, pure and loving intentions is one way to create Heaven on earth. […]

Day 16 – The Wealth Of Health

I know so many people who have some kind of chronic health condition. These people are heroes. My Mum, for example, lives with daily challenges that she simply brushes off […]

Day 17 – One Small Step For Womankind

Being a lover of language, I have always enjoyed entertaining the possibilities of etymology, and at one point, I thought that the word ‘woman’ simply meant a man with a […]

Day 18 – Doing An ‘Elsa’

I love the phrase ‘Let it go’ – it inspires so much freedom, peace, joy, relaxation and above all love. When we let go, we are saying a deep and […]

Day 19 – Are You Fit For Purpose? (Yours)

Oh. My. Heavens. And I say Heavens because literally today I felt like I was actually there. Why? Because I was living my purpose. I was doing exactly what I […]

Day 20 – Who’s Writing Your Love Story?

In the next 10 days I have the good fortune to be going to not one, but two weddings. I say good fortune with a hearty smile, but this is […]

Day 21 – Being On the Side That Gives

Today is Day 21 of my Gratitude Challenge – what a humbling journey, how has it been for you? I could write about so many things, but I have chosen […]