Highest Good Wellbeing

Highest Good Wellbeing was founded by Sarit Gafan, a wellbeing champion empowered by a deep love for humanity, along with wellbeing techniques that facilitated her ascent out of depression and into self-awareness and self-love.

Her mission is to cultivate more peace and joy in the world through the kind and vibrant energy that flows through her intuitive writing and creative wellbeing services. A qualified Happiness Trainer through the Museum of Happiness and certified Tao Hands healing practitioner, Sarit’s focus is on nourishing thoughts, words and actions by applying layers of science-based practices, including Stress Management, Self-Kindness, Gratitude and more. An intuitive wellbeing mentor, writer, poet and survivor of over 15 years of depression, Sarit pours her heart and soul into everything she does, which means she plans every training session, whether it’s a group workshop or one to one mentoring session, and every piece of writing, by tuning into her intuition, her Higher Intelligence, to ensure that all content is for the highest good of all her clients.

The Highest Good Way

Highest Good Wellbeing is built on the belief that if we make time to regularly tune in to ourselves, quiet the noise and connect with how we feel, we can find out what we truly need to flourish, and become happier and healthier. 

We understand that everyone has a unique purpose for being here at this time, and that in order to fulfil that purpose, we need to nurture ourselves to allow our unique gifts to develop in a natural and powerful way. So our ‘for our highest good’ means doing what we can to work towards fulfilling our purpose – this will be different for everyone, but we believe that they all point to making the world a better place! Can you imagine a world where everyone was living their purpose and bringing their unique gifts – we invite you to take a moment to picture that world! 

To that end, we put our energy into tailoring all our events to the needs of each audience, in particular by meditating on every workshop, event and even every piece of writing! That way we know our content comes from the heart, and is aligned with OUR unique purpose – to serve YOU! We also wholeheartedly encourage you to connect with us to discuss any specific needs you or anyone in your group may have that will support their access to the content. 

Finally, we respect and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, which is why we offer you our content as wisdom that has worked for us, with the mindful invitation of seeing how it feels for you, and if it doesn’t, supporting you in finding out what does. It’s also important to note that no content on this site or offered through any of our services is offered as medical advice, and you should always seek professional help when you need it, and continue with any medication and treatment as advised.

Who We Work With