I could list the benefits of practicing gratitude, but instead I’m going to share some of my very own Gratitude Goldmine – how gratitude has helped me personally.

In 2009, after years of suffering from depression, several family wake-up calls and finally starting to find my place in the world as a teacher, I felt such a sense of relief at finally being able to shine my true light in the world, free from a daily bombardment of negative thoughts. It was this deep sense of gratitude to just be able to be the loving, positive person I truly am that inspired me to pay forward this amazing feeling through meaningful action. But I wanted to make it bigger than myself.

You can read about how I started Club Gratitude (originally Club Sandwich!), a charitable project supplying food and other provisions for the homeless, but ultimately, as I embraced my spiritual side, I realised that gratitude practice is the key to a happy life. Becoming aware of the millions of daily miracles that are happening all around me all the time, without any effort from me, helped me stabilise my energy to allow the healing of my self-esteem after I dropped out of university with depression in 1999. That healing was slow and steady, but in September 2019 I graduated with a 2:1.

If you would like to bring the energy of gratitude into your organisation, or just your life, please reach out as I am available as a Gratitude Writer, Gratitude Champion and Facilitator. I have also created a new 4 week course for organisations – The Power of Gratitude. 

Gratitude to the Open University, my family and friends for supporting me in achieving my dream of graduating with Honours!

For my 40th birthday, I gave myself the gift of writing a blog – by this time in my life, I had realised the true value of embedding gratitude as a mindset, and so Gratitude Goldmine was born!

What will you find in your Gratitude Goldmine?