Shake off your creative cobwebs and tune in to what makes you come alive, with Energy Igniter Writing!

In 2017, I meditated and asked the universe, “How can I help people uplift themselves?”. The answer came to me in the form of Energy Igniter Writing©! 

Energy Igniter Writing© workshops provide you with a personalised, creative and spiritual space where you can practice tuning in to your soul, and connecting with the things that give you goose bumps, make your heart sing and your soul dance with joy! This could include the colours that really speak to you, the animals that make you feel invincible and so much more! There’s a whole world of wow to discover, and I’d love to be your guide. We’ll also look at language tools that will help you express your truth with power and beauty, so that you end up with a highly personalised poem, paragraph, or even personalised mantras that remind you every day of who you truly are, even when you don’t feel your best, so that when the going gets tough, you have a sacred mental home to go to.

Energy Igniter Writing© workshops take you on a journey to explore, experience and express the multidimensional things that make you come alive. After unleashing your creativity and playing with a variety of linguistic tools, you are invited to produce a personalised piece to serve as a daily reminder of your Positive Energy Igniters©. This can be in the form of your choice, including but not limited to a poem, personalised mantras or affirmations, or even an illustrated representation!

Energy Igniter Writing© Club runs on Wednesdays 6.15pm-7.45pm GMT – click here to book your place.

You can also book Energy Igniter Writing workshops as group sessions or one to one. Email us for pricing, packages and possibilities! Compassionate rates available for charities, communities and individuals who are struggling.

We played and we loosened up, we dug deep into our souls for hidden gems and we played with words. I had lots of fun. This workshop includes self-discovery, fun exercises and creating a very special piece of your very own writing.

Lola Askarova, Sacred Soul Poetry Participant

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