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Energy Igniter Writing Club

Hello special one! You know there is more here for you than working to live. You feel it, but maybe you’re not sure how to access it! Maybe you even know you have a soul and you’d like to explore it in a very special way. Your soul is whispering sweet everythings to you. Do you have time to listen?


Energy Igniter Writing© is a chance to pause, tune in and truly listen to the ‘more to life’ that we rarely seem to have time for – what our soul wants to tell us, to share with us the multidimensional Positive Energy Igniters© that are unique to us and make our souls rejoice! These are the myriads of energy-changing sources that bless our state instantly when we connect with them, and remind us of our individual Divine magnificence. When we invite these blessings to express themselves freely into our physical reality by recording them in a creative way, we bring ourselves a joyful reminder of at least a glimpse of our true magnificence – one that we can see every day, and in doing so, feel its heavenly vibration.

I am honoured to be your guide on this journey – sessions will include:


  • Connecting with your inner self/intuition, the Universe or any higher energies you wish to connect with
  • Visualisations and fun exercises around playing with language, letting go, and yes, breaking the rules!! For the latter, we will do some energetic work to invite the release of any blockages that may be preventing us from expressing our truth
  • Activities to try out expressive tools that will throw open the treasure chest of your soul through the power and beauty of language
  • Meditations to discover the tip of the iceberg of things that make us come alive (for example, animals we connect with, words or music that make our heart sing).


    The session will start at 6.30pm but the room will be open from 6.15pm to give you time for a warm entry where you can fully arrive and create your special space, listen to the music and centre yourself.

If your financial wellbeing is a barrier to accessing this event, please email me ( and we will explore options.

23 December
Wednesday @ 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm