The wellbeing of an organisation depends upon the wellbeing of its people. The techniques I offer are backed by science, and helped me to successfully complete my degree after 23 years, having learnt my way out of depression and other mental wellbeing challenges. Let me help you make mental wellbeing a happy part of remote working life – contact me for possibilities, pricing and packages.

3 Keys to Mental Wellbeing

A 3 week course + parallel 21 day challenge to embed nourishing wellbeing habits

A series of 3 workshops (1-2 hours each) where you and your team will learn how Self-Awareness, Self-Kindness and Self-Nourishment can help you clear away the mental pollution that drains your energy and takes you away from your true self and purpose.  The duration is flexible, between 1 and 2 hours per session, depending on how deep you’d like to go. To support the 3 live sessions, I will provide you with a treasury of 21 nourishing 5 minute daily activities to choose from, one for each day, to embed wellbeing as a habit well beyond the course!

Week 1 – Self-Awareness (including Kindfulness & Meditation)

Week 2 – Self-Kindness (including Happiness & the Yin/Yang of Kindness)

Week 3 – Self-Nourishment (including your Mental Wellbeing Toolkit)

I also offer more flexible and informal options for organisations, including:

Treat your staff to a Wellbeing Lite Bite!

Kind Co-Working for Organisations

Do you need support in cultivating wellbeing practices within your organisation?

It is our vision to bring wellbeing into the workplace as a better normal, and as a foundation for productivity and happiness. Kind Co-Working is one way we can help you achieve this. Take a look at our Kind Co-Working for Organisations information below to see how, and feel free to contact us for prices, packages and possibilities – we love working with you to ensure that our services meet your needs.

To get an idea of how Kind Co-working runs within a community setting, please feel free to pop in to our free Kind Co-Working sessions, in partnership with mental health charity Jami.