The Yang Within Her

by Sarit Gafan ©May 2020

With poise

She strides by my side, head held high

Even when mine is


And these judgements, she asks

With outstretched claws

What would you have me do with them?

And as I am still learning, I simply say

Leave them be

Leave them be?

To burn a hole in your heart?

To weigh you down on your path and steer you with


My feet stop.

Her paws…pause

Oh, I say

Shall I rip them to invisible shreds?

That is what one does with untruth

I smile and breathe in an infusion of peace

Feeling her inner smile open like a flower

As her eyes close and her head bows gently, her guard now at ease

Yes, she breathes, yes

And this self-doubt

What would you have me do with it?

Leave it be, it is of no consequence

The air vanishes

She halts

Her eyes blazing raw power

Yet I feel only love and strength from her

She digs deeps inside her, transmuting her fire into a light

That will




Every self-doubting thought is an insult to your divinity

And leads you down a path of suffering

That is NOT why you are here

And I am NOT here to walk by your side and watch you lose yourself

I am here to remind you

Every day


Of your magnificent light

Until YOU

Remind ME

She knows the tears in my eyes and the tears in my heart

The battle scars

And lays down beneath a tree

Her heart inviting me to take shelter in the fortress of her understanding

I curl up beside her

The compassionate lioness soothing her infant warrior

Resting my head on her heart

We breathe as one in the tonic silence

My strength breaking out of its longsuffering prison


She whispers


Then I know

That she is the one

The one standing guard over my beautiful heart

Until the day it transforms

Into pure Divine Light.


by Sarit Gafan ©

I am.

I am Sarit.

I am no longer my bank balance

I am no longer my job (I don’t have a job!)

I am no longer the thoughts in my head, the feelings in my heart, nor the blah blah blah

I am. I am Sarit. And THIS Sarit is more than ALL of that, and I always have been

I am more than the ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ that I have and do not have, and I am more than the books on my shelf, especially the ones that I haven’t read

I am more than the pieces of paper that say “I did this”

And I am more than the doors that they open and do not open

I am more than the academic demons that I have now transmuted into a 2:1!

I have a PhD in Saritology!

I am more than my tears

and the pain that evoked them

I am not defined by the opinions or behaviour of others

I am more than the words I say and the actions I take.

I am more than the imprint I make on the world, the energy I bring and the song that I sing.

I am more than all the hugs I’ve given. And that’s a lotta hugs.


Love of myself. Love of you. Love of the wind, the trees, the mountains, the animals, the crystals. The whole WORLD!

But I am even more than that.  Because I am energy. And every day I grow.

And every day I project more love and more peace and more harmony.

And more light

And you can’t catch light in a net. Or put it on a wall. Or give it a certificate. Or take it out of a cash machine

I am a Divine force to be reckoned with and I am full of Gratitude

I am no longer my history of ‘Not good enough’, of procrastination and silent judges

I am no longer interested in holding myself back, consciously or unconsciously, because I am a Compassionate LIONess

The measure of a person is not how they stand in times of challenge – I beg to differ

I CANNOT be measured because I AM PRICELESS

And so are you!

The Imperfect Start

Lay down your arms

And kneel at your own feet

Head bowed

In compassion and respect

Step away from expectation

Turn your back on the lies

The tortuous temptations and taunts

Unyoke yourself, my love

From the weight of comparison








And b r

e a t

h e

So that You

And only


Can walk

Hand in hand



And YOUR WORDS alone

In a parade of light

It is your words alone that can


The light in your heart

And forge it into wonder

The match

That lights the candle

And illuminates your message to the world

When you melt those damn chains

That keep your page so pale

When your desire to simply live

And live simply

To be


Becomes greater than the demons keeping watch

Over those blank pages

You see You

And only You.

Kindness 360

Start your day with kindness

Give it to yourself

Because filling up your cup

Is amazing for your health

Kind thoughts in the morning

Will fill your energy

With love and good intentions

Of who you want to be

With kindness flowing through you

You can lend a helping hand

To people facing battles

That you may not understand

Be kind from the inside out!