We pride ourselves on heart to heart service. This means doing our very best to tailor each event to the needs of those attending. But you don’t need to take our word for it…

University of Reading – Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop was part of an away day for the team, and included a series of uplifting team building activities and wellbeing techniques such as Gratitude and Self-Kindness.

“Having Sarit join us for our Away Day was so special. She helped us express our gratitude to each other in a meaningful and authentic way, enabling us to find calm in the storm of every day and go away from that shared moment with tangible tools and strategies to help at work. Thank You!”

Aleiah, Workshop Participant

Nourished Mind – Gratitude Workshop

I delivered this workshop as part of Nourished Mind, an all day event to support mental wellbeing specifically for artists and actors. Content included the Science of Happiness, gratitude exercises and practices and meditation.

“Grateful for you sharing your knowledge with us! I love the science that backs up the very clear exercises you did. Grateful that you acknowledged that wherever we may be – that we may need to sit out.”

Workshop Participant

Winter Happiness Festival – Appreciation & Gratitude

For this workshop, I collaborated with my wonderful colleague, Shaileen Shah, to deliver content around the different levels of gratitude and how to practice it meaningfully.

Wellbeing Lite Bites – Public Webinars During Lockdown

During the first lockdown, I ran this fun series of interactive ‘wellbinars’ for the public, to help them build their own mental wellbeing toolkits.

“Thank you for a delicious Self-Love Soufflé. I feel nourished by your deep heart connection knowledge and wisdom.”

Melanie, Complementary Therapist

Hestia – Pick Me Up Poetry

We designed this workshop for a mix of staff, volunteers and service users of the charity Hestia, as a way to help them fill their energies with goodness. We explored some of the multidimensional things that make them come alive, had fun playing with language, and began creating a highly personalised poem to give them the feelgood factor every day.

“I felt inspired and energized. I felt so much love and gratitude afterwards. I really like how Sarit created a safe and open space for everyone to be vulnerable and authentic.

Workshop Participant

Sarit made us/me feel very welcome and comfortable. I really liked doing the little stretches/mindfulness. Especially with it being on zoom, it really helped to feel fully present.

Workshop Participant

Private Event – Sacred Soul Poetry

We were commissioned by a private client to offer this workshop, where participants were invited to delve deeply into their intuition to explore the things that delight and uplift their senses, to unleash their creativity and craft a personalised piece of poetry around this.

“I enjoyed the music element that put me in the persona! I didn’t think I did ‘creative’ but was wrong!  I liked the whole no rules thing ….made it a nice safe environment with no judgements.”

Cathy Lawson

The above workshops are examples of the kind of content we offer. Please email us to find out more about our possibilities, packages and pricing.