We are proud to offer you a selection of fun and interactive ‘Wellbinars’ that can be delivered during coffee breaks, lunchtimes and beyond! Turn your home or office into your very own wellbeing café, and  develop your own toolkit of quick and simple mental wellbeing techniques, keeping you refreshed and tuned in!

The Lite Bites below are available either as group sessions or one-to-ones, from 15 minutes to half days. Take a look at the ’educational dishes’, designed to nourish you from the soul outward! There is also a Wellbeing Treats Menu with slightly more formal sessions, for those who’d like to dig in a little deeper.

Wellbeing Lite Bites are available as 15, 30 minute or 55 minute sessions, or on a Pick n’ Mix basis – each Lite Bite (Stress Bustin’ Souffle, Self-Love Sandwich, Gateaux de Gratitude and Croissant of Kindness) can be ordered as an individual ‘dish’ of 30 minutes or 55 mins, and each ingredient (e.g Stress Science, Positive Breathing, Daily Gifts Awareness etc) can be ordered as a 15 minute or 30 minute session.

All Wellbeing Treats are great as original and unique gifts for a loved one too!

Email me for further details of content, packages and possibilities! Compassionate rates available for charities, communities and individuals who are struggling.